When we are trying to get better at something, it means dedicating ourselves to practicing the necessary skills to perform that task. That takes time, effort, motivation, patience and, consistency. To become a proficient musician or an elite athlete, it requires a determination and directed energy to that instrument or sport to improve. We all know that the professionals in their field didn’t become experts overnight. How were they able to stay focused on their practices and rehearsals? What allowed them to push forward and become the best?

Some may have entertained and practiced some type of meditation; an exercise that allowed them to center their minds, to focus on the task at hand, and to remove the resounding distractions that often get in the way of becoming their very best.

Meditation, for some, sounds pretty intimating. But it can also be quite accessible, even to the novice. It may help you set your mind to a place that guides you toward the success you desire.

What is Meditation?

For some, just the word meditation raises anxiety. It can be intimidating and daunting for non-practitioners. But even the beginner can approach the practice with ease. There are some very simple techniques you can do that are very effective when it comes to focusing the mind on one thing, which is an essential skill needed in most athletic sports.

Meditation is sometimes called Mindfulness today; it’s the idea that you stay tuned in to the activity or thought that is presently in front of you. You direct your full attention to the task at hand so as not to stray from your intended goal. A very simple example is the task of brushing your teeth. For most, this is a menial task and doesn’t take much thought or attention. You could probably be thinking about something else entirely while you brush your teeth. But what if you directed your whole physical and mental effort to the act of brushing your teeth? Watch yourself as you spread the toothpaste on the brush. Notice how the mixture of the bristles of the toothbrush and paste feel against your teeth. Experience the movement of your hand as it moves up and down, side to side as you move the brush along your pearly whites. This full attention is a mindfulness act. The same can be done when you’re practicing golf, tennis, basketball, or any other sport or activity.

It will help you notice the subtle components of the actions so that you can make adjustments and improvements where needed. You can enhance your strength, speed, and other efforts when you perform this mindfulness meditation act when engaged in your elite sport. Try simple mindfulness exercises with some everyday responsibilities and witness how this helps you focus your mind.